Behind the Non-Profit: Alejandra Garza of the ACLU

Alejandra Garza has a full-time job as the Field Director for the ACLU of Colorado, where she brings together organizations and individuals to build advocacy, education, and mobilization campaigns, but she still makes time for music. Read on to learn how music shapes her life and work, and to learn more about the work of the ACLU of Colorado, one of the four local non-profits that will benefit from our Unity Concert on May 5, 2017.

Alejandra listens to lots of different music, and she finds that the power of music resonates with her work: "Music can give voice to an oppressed community. It can also convey hope and victory. Growing up in Houston in the 80's  and 90's I was exposed to a wonderful melting pot of music- mariachi music, old-school rap, George Strait and other country classics, The Smiths and classical music from the local NPR station that only aired news four hours a day at that time. But my favorite song of all time is "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen."

David Bowie and Queen might have written her favorite song, but "Ode to Joy" is her favorite piece by Beethoven. According to Alejandra, "As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, this song reminds me of going to Catholic Mass as a child. There's a popular version of this song with Spanish lyrics that we'd sing as a community. It fills a room and makes your heart sing."

Part of the power of the "Ode to Joy" comes from the message that Alejandra finds in it, and the way that it resonates with her work: "Hope can soar above any temporary obstacles we may face.

The ACLU of Colorado works to overcome obstacles faced by Coloradans. They advocate on behalf of people whose rights have been violated, educate people about their civil liberties, and help keep the public informed about public policy. In doing so, they champion the rights of all people, and work to protect, defend, and extend the civil rights and civil liberties. 

The power of music to bring people together and to give them hope makes this Unity Concert special to Alejandra. The concert will benefit the ACLU of Colorado (along with three other local non-profits). "What a wonderful way to unite as a community in the true spirit of this beautiful piece! With so many communities facing challenges and prejudice, it is up to us to stand together and look out for each other. We will resist. We will succeed."

Join the Boulder Chamber Orchestra and Boulder Chorale in their stirring performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on
May 5, 6, and 7!

The May 5 performance at Macky will benefit Out Boulder County, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), and the local chapter of the ACLU. Audience members will determine the proportions of the donation and can abstain if they want.

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