A Message from the Board

To the Community:

Performing classical music is labor of love. The music director and board members involved with the Boulder Chamber Orchestra do not stand to profit from classical music in any monetary way. In fact, the opposite is the case. We invest our own time, effort, talents, and monetary resources into classical music and its performances because we believe in the importance and power of classical music. 

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on the importance of the arts. Public support of funding of classical music, and the arts in general, has been decreasing exponentially over the last several decades. Organizations like ours have increasingly been forced to look towards private donations and corporations to help fund our mission to educate and expand the cultural fabric of our city. Please note that ticket sales account for a small portion of our operating budget and individual and corporate donations are necessary to survive and thrive as a nonprofit.

The Boulder Chamber Orchestra understands your concerns in the matter of corporate sponsorship, and we appreciate your point of view.  As a small, non-profit arts organization, we accept donations in the spirit of equal opportunity, as do other organizations in our community.  Moreover, as a 501(c)(3) public charity organization, we do not take political positions nor lobby for political candidates. Our nonprofit mission is to promote classical music and that remains our goal for this concert and beyond.

The donations we received for Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 are being used to fund free tickets for Boulder Valley School District, Jefferson County School District, and St. Vrain Valley School District students to attend these performances. Students have responded eagerly to our offer, and we must honor our commitment to them.

We understand corporate donations may present difficult and controversial issues, but we viewed the acceptance of funds as way of ensuring that some good can come from otherwise divisive issues surrounding corporate stewardship. As a Board, we are committed to bringing the community together for these three Beethoven performances and in the future.

If any individual donors, or a collection of individual donors, or any other organization would like to come forward in the spirit of the community to match the donation we have received to pay for student tickets, we are happy to accept such donations to allow future student ticket sponsorships to our next endeavors.

Thank you for your input, concerns, and connection to the Orchestra. We truly hope you all will come to witness the power, beauty, and grandeur of this 9th Symphony.

The Board of the Boulder Chamber Orchestra

Bahman SalessComment