Behind the Non-Profit: Julie Van Domelen of EFAA

Boulder's Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) helps vulnerable people in our community by providing food, housing, and resources to address homelessness, unemployment, and the many misfortunes that can happen to anyone. That's why we're proud to present our Beethoven 9 Unity Concert on May 5 to benefit EFAA and other local non-profits.
Read on to find out what Julie Van Domelen thinks about music and her work as Executive Director of EFAA!

Julie comes to Boulder after 20 years of traveling and living internationally while working for the World Bank. She managed multi-million dollar funding to governments and community-based organizations in Latin America and Africa, and was one of the core team that led the World Bank to increase its support for interventions to reach the poorest households and communities to improve basic services and reduce vulnerability. Her international experience broadened her taste in music, and she loves Latin American and African music. One of her dreams would be to hear the kora (the West African lute) played with the Boulder Chamber Orchestra. She finds it to be a "hauntingly beautiful instrument."

Julie runs an organization that works with people in crisis. For these people, and for the case managers who help them find resources and get through, music can have a powerful effect. Julie believes that "EFAA serves many different facets of the Boulder community. For families struggling to make ends meet, music can be uplifting, energizing, and accessible." 

Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 is one of those pieces. The tune has been used for everything from church hymns, to the U.N. Anthem, to protests, to Die Hard. In almost every case, it's used to symbolize the best of human nature, and to bring people together in joy. Julie makes room for other interpretations, but also has a personal take on it: "Like most great pieces of music, the meaning is in the ear of the beholder. To me it speaks of the triumph of the human spirit."

Julie and EFAA know something about the triumph of the human spirit. Please join us May 5 at Macky to support them and their important work in the community.


Bahman SalessComment