What People Are Saying

From the audience, it was exceptional; richly textured, evenly balanced, expressively phrased, and dynamically sculpted.
— Jim Mitchell
Maestro Saless and the BCO gave an absolutely delightful performance of this piece. It demonstrates the influence that Mozart had on Bizet, with its transparency and refined textures. Perhaps more than any other work performed on Saturday’s program, the orchestra played this with a marvelous enthusiasm and accuracy of phrasing which accentuated Mozart’s influence. There was no denying that the entire woodwind section and the Boulder Chamber Orchestra is absolutely superb.
— Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado Music Critic.
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Requiem last night - this is a piece I never would have heard otherwise, since I’m not usually a big choral fan...but it was truly outstanding ! I absolutely loved it. I’m very happy that you chose this piece and had such a talented group of musicians and vocalists to work with.”
— Mark D.
I had been wanting to hear Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony for about 25 years: Yes, we all enjoyed the concert very much. Two of my residents who went are serious classical music fans, and both said that it was one of the best concerts they have been to (and they have around a long time!). And, I agree with them (I’m a serious classical music fan, too, but haven’t been around quite as long). It was wonderful to hear the three selections that were played, as they seem to be infrequently performed. I had been wanting to hear Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony for about 25 years (maybe I have been around longer than I care to admit), after I first became familiar with it from a music appreciation class in college. I also enjoyed the information and thoughts shared by Maestro Saless. That made the concert and the music itself more meaningful.
— W. Scott Mersch
Maestro dear ~

I have heard ‘Appalachian Spring’ performed many times over the years but I can never recall being as moved by the piece as I was at the Boulder Chamber Orchestra’s rendition on Friday night last in Boulder.

The flute player, some modern-day Pan, and the clarinet player took the piece a place I had never been to before. Of course all the musicians shone.

Thank you for this transcendant performance. And thank you for continuing to bring magical music to our community.
— Cindy Morris