This, our thirteenth season, is called Jinx for obvious reasons. But in musical history the term Jinx has been associated with two numbers: 13 and 9. There’s an interesting reason for this. Several great composers after Beethoven—whose nine monumental symphonies constitute the very definition of greatness—were tormented by the idea that they too had to prove their merit with nine symphonies, their entire life’s work culminating in the last of these, the great 9th. We call this "The Curse of the 9th!" Symphonies by various later composers, including Schubert and Bruckner, were renumbered to put the best one last. Brahms and Mendelssohn didn’t even compose nine symphonies, thus avoiding the Jinx! 

We’ll let you decide if Jinx, the Curse of the 9th is our best season yet!


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